RS/EQ Lessons

Date Lesson

05/14/23 Mother's Day (RS and YW combined, EQ in charge of primary) 

05/28/23 Elder Dale G. Renlund "Accessing God's Power Through Covenants" 

06/11/22 President Russel M. Nelson "Peacemakers Needed" 

06/25/23 Elder Carl B. Cook "Just Keep Going - With Faith" '

07/09/23 Elder Mark A. Bragg "Christ-like Poise" 

07/23/23 Elder Gary E. Stevenson "The Greatest Easter Story Ever Told" 

07/30/23 <5Sth Sunday - Bishopric> [bishopric pick]

08/13/23 Elder David A. Bednar "Abide in Me, and 1 in You; Therefore Walk with Me"

08/27/23 <Stake Conference> 

09/10/23 President Henry B. Eyring "Finding Personal Peace” 

09/24/23 Elder Kevin R. Duncan "A Voice of Gladness!"

10/08/22 Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf "Jesus Christ is the Strength of Parents"

10/22/23 Elder D. Todd Christofferson "One in Christ" 

10/29/23 <5th Sunday - Bishopric [bishopric pick]