RS/EQ Lessons

Date Lesson

10/22/23 Elder D. Todd Christofferson "One in Christ" 

10/29/23 <5th Sunday - Bishopric [bishopric pick]

11/12/2023   President Russell M. Nelson, "Think Celestial!"

11/26/2023 Elder Alan T. Phillips, "God Knows and Loves You"

12/10/2023 Elder Dale G. Renlund, "Jesus Christ Is the Treasure"

12/24/2023   <Christmas Eve>

12/31/2023   <5th Sunday - Bishopric>

1/14/2024 Elder Yoon Hwan Choi, "Do You Want to Be Happy?"

1/28/2024 Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, "The Prodigal and the Road That Leads Home"

2/11/2024 President Emily Belle Freeman, "Walking in Covenant Relationship with Christ"

2/25/2024 Sister Tamara W. Runia, "Seeing God’s Family through the Overview Lens"

3/10/2024 Elder Joni L. Koch, "Humble to Accept and Follow"

3/24/2024 Elder Robert M. Daines, "Sir, We Would Like to See Jesus"

3/31/2024   <5th Sunday - Easter - Bishopric>

4/14/2024 Elder John C. Pingree Jr., "Eternal Truth"

4/28/2024   Sister Amy A. Wright, "Abide the Day in Christ"